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Cover story
2020 marks the 50th Anniversary since the John and Yoko Bed in For Peace and we used this image as inspiration for our inside cover image. Knowing their March 20, 1969 marriage would be a huge press event, John and Yoko decided to use the publicity to promote world peace. They spent their honeymoon in the presidential suite (Room 702) at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel for a week between March 25 and 31, inviting the world's press into their hotel room every day between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Starting a sleep revolution
The IKEA Catalogue 2020 is here, presenting the importance and joy of getting a great night’s sleep. And some of the easy ways you can make it happen in your own homes.
With the help of curtains and blinds, mattresses, quilts and pillows, rugs and plants, the IKEA catalogue introduces easy to follow ideas of how to improve your sleep.
Illustrate emotional needs
in five different homes
At IKEA we conduct in-depth interviews and home visits with people around the world. In our research we identified core emotional needs related to better homes. Needs that are universal but play different roles at different stages of our lives, depending on how old we are, who we live with, and where we are in the world. For the 2020 IKEA Catalogue, we created homes that show situations and design solutions that illustrate these emotional needs in five different homes.
Friends forever,
family for now
A more
enlightened life
for the little things
Bigger, better,
When opposites
A sanctuary in the city
This year, we decided to do something completely new for one of the catalogue homes. We wanted to learn more about what matters to our customers in different places, how their thinking around homes are similar (and when it’s not!) and what an ideal design for these various geographies could look like. We invited five IKEA interior designers from different countries to co-create a home with our team in Sweden. We then offered each country publishing a catalogue their choice of one of these five homes for inclusion.
Represent a diversity of people
The world is a very diverse place and we love it! We believe in inclusion and take conscious decisions to
represent a diversity of people in the IKEA catalogue. This year we are even more diversity than ever,
for the first time we featured a model who has Downs Syndrome.
Nationalities of the people working on the catalogue: American, Italian, Australian, Welsh, German,
Swedish, Russian, Spanish, English, Puerto Rican, South African, Danish, Polish, Finish, Chinese.
The model on the cover actually fell asleep during the photo shooting – that’s why she looks so relaxed.
38 Languages The catalogue is translated into 38 Languages, Finnish being the longest. New Logo and new + Noto font New Logo and new + Noto font after 11 years using Verdana after IKEA Sans. Catalogue is the first to use the new updated logo (optimized for usage in both digital and printed environment) for the first time in catalogue. It has fine tuned relations between the letters and the negative space in the logo. R inside the logo. The printed catalogue base information

No of pages in the base:
280 + 4 pages cover
No of copies to be printed:
124 000 000
No of IKEA Markets:

No of languages:
No of printed versions:
No artwork pages:
No of text pages:
No of paper suppliers:
No of printers:

Facts & Figures, IKEA catalogue 2020


Worldwide there is over 500 people working directly and indirectly with the Global Catalogue. From Catalogue specialists in the markets, range communicators at IoS, technicians and those of us at ICOM... This does not even include printers and distributors!


All beds were changed 7 times to cover all the different bedding set ups in the markets. Therefore 400 more images were taken than in the previous year, giving us a total of 1651 images.


All kitchens in the catalogue are built up once for real in the studio and the country specific exchanges for each kitchen are done in 3D. One kitchen can at its maximum have close to 20 versions.


It takes over 12 months to create a catalogue from writing the brief to printing and distribution, when this catalogue will hit the letterboxes, we are already working on the next IKEA catalogue.