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How to enjoy your summer holiday with your family,
travel or stay at home?
Here are simple tips to have a relaxing holiday!
Study in your way!
Stationary vs Fluid
More than half of the students prefer study at a desk.
Create a specific area for studying – your brain will automatically switch to ‘study mode’ when you are there.
When it’s time to study or write, you need all the space you can get.
So think vertically and add plenty of shelving to keep your desk free of unnecessary clutter.
Even if you don’t like sitting still in front of the desk,
a portable trolley or drawers on the wheels could keep books/ stationery/ drinks/ snacks always within easy reach.
Great next to your carpenter’s bench but serves just as well in the bathroom, entrance or office, keeping smaller items close at hand.
SKÅDIS Pegboard, white ¥ 99.00
NEW SKÅDIS Pegboard, black ¥ 129.00
Create the best environment for you whenever you like to stay up late or get up early.
Night owls will require a good task light and a cup of coffee/tea gives helps a lot.
Early birds can take advantage of natural light if their room has a window.
A fast but healthy breakfast gives your enough energy for starting the day.
Once you understand your studying style, you can create the best environment for you.
●Stay up late with comfort solution.
●A better morning in your holiday.
The transparent jar makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed.
VARDAGEN Jar with lid, clear glass ¥ 9.90
VARDAGEN Jar with lid, clear glass ¥ 19.90
Goodbye chaos, hello cosiness.
Don’t get shock and frustrated when you see how tiny the dorm space you have.
With smart ideas and organizers, you’ll create enough space for all the things you love.
Use these hangers and dividers inside your wardrobe to release the space and help you find things quickly.
This folder shoes rack can stack to add space for shoes as you want, and almost takes no space when folded If not in use.
STUK with 16 pockets gives you plenty of rooms for small things,which can be hung in wardrobe or behind the door.
GODMORGON Box with compartments is designed for jewellery and make-up,
with a clear overview of what you have for easy reach. If you just don’t want to see your storage,
just attach a beautiful fabric or curtain to hide your stuff and create calmness,
also a smart way to express your personality. Is the curtain fabric just a little bit too long? Great!
Sew the cut-off strip back on to form a row of convenient pockets.
Creative way to express personality!
Everyone is different. It’s great to express your personality and show who you!
What’s even better is that you don’t have to choose between a personalized space or a pair of new sneakers
simply due to tight on budget. DIY with colorful tapes is an affordable way to add personal touch.
Decorating plain notebooks/boxes, making statement, creating photo gallery, even making a wall calendar.
It’s quick and easy to remove/ change when you have new ideas.
No wonder washi tape has so many fans. Now it’s your turn! Just be bold and get creative!
With this patterned washi tape, you can decorate your gifts, boxes and cards in an instant. The paper tape is just as easy to fix and remove – and it leaves no marks.
NEW KNALLGUL Roll of tape ¥ 9.90/ 20 m
FULLFÖLJA Roll of tape,
grey black, white
¥ 29.90/ 20 m