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Refresh your bedroom in 4 easy steps
Get bored on the bedroom, worried about taking too much efforts to renew?
Follow us on 4 easy steps.

1. Rethink the wardrobe

For a room that encourages relaxation, practical organisation can be the key to calm. Give your wardrobe an easy update with hanging storage to help you re-organise your clothes and find a place for everything.
Place this case in a wardrobe or slide it under the bed – great for storing seasonal clothes or bedding while protecting them from dust.
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2. Create a calm corner

Create a relaxing nook to give you another spot where your can unwind in your bedroom. Consider an armchair, some lighting and decoration.
A range of various seat cushions makes it easy to change the look of your POÄNG and your living room.
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3. Update your bedding

New bedlinen helps to create a fresh, energising space. Just by changing bed textile can give a different mood in the new season
The pattern was first created in the 1700’s and is now kept at Musée de l'Impression sur Etoffes in France.
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4. Mix-color to upgrade room style

Combining different patterns and colours – we don’t mind repeating this – often work surprisingly well. Don’t be shy, have some fun with it! Still, the effect is enhanced if you leave other parts of the room calmer – like bare wall surface and light wood.Choose from Feb News and April News, be brave to use colors and patterns.
Cotton is a natural material that breathes and absorbs moisture. Our cotton is grown with less water and pesticides than conventionally-grown cotton.
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Playful dots on one side and solid stripes on the other – the more of these cushions on your sofa or bed the cosier. MALINMARIA cushion cover looks great with the smaller cushion in the same series.
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The red colour gives this simple square pattern a bold and fresh look. Use it as the basis for the colour scheme in your room or dare to mix. The rug looks great with both modern and traditional furniture.
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Make your home functional and beautiful by taking small changes
A new picture wall

If you are planning to hang different pictures, choose a them, could be color, object, style, then connect them all together. Good artworks can bring good mood, enjoy~

1. Make a flexible gallery

If you like to try out new looks and combinations, choose a picture ledge to put your frames on. use the freedom to add and rearrange as much as you want.
The mount enhances the picture and makes framing easy. PH-neutral mount; will not discolour the picture.
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2. Hang in unusual spaces

If you’re short on wall space, try using spaces that are often overlooked in your home, like narrow strips of wall. hanging things there will add charm and make the room seem bigger.
Holds 7 pictures so you can create your own personal collage.
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3. Group within a framework

One way to hang pictures is to use an imaginary frame as a guide. Within the frame you can hang four pictures or twenty. Make sure your pictures get into the corners of the imaginary frame of keep it looking sharp and cohesive.
Motif created by Håkan Strand. The included collage template and coordinated motifs make it easy to create your own personal wall collage.
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A few easy ways to light up your life

Different activities call for different types of lighting, so make sure your space is designed to fit your unique needs. Here's how to light the way.

1. Picture lights

A stylish picture light will put some extra focus on your artwork while setting the mood at the same time.
One of our most cherished lamp series and it’s no wonder why – it has a timeless design that fits right in.
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2. Mood lighting

Beloved books add a ton of character, so give them the attention they deserve by highlighting them with cabinet lighting. As a bonus, this low lighting also sets a mellow mood.
A cabinet’s best friend – it lights things up inside and creates a cosy atmosphere in the room.
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3. Reading lamps

Place a dimmable bulb in your reading lamp to seamlessly switch between direct, bright light and more subtle mood lighting.
You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.
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Choose surprising bathroom products to boost energy
Add colors to ordinary

News are about boosting the energy in your everyday life. We’re celebrating diversity and finding new ways of coordinating. With a big chunk of humour, the launch combines joyful colours with bold and graphic patterns inspired from 1960s.Overall, it’s hard not to smile

Who said ordinary should be boring?

Make the most of a bathroom without making holes in the tiles. TISKEN bathroom accessories add great functions to the bathroom using suction cups, so no drilling is needed.
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The combination of solid terry and stripes gives you an appealing towel with great function. The solid terry is soft against your skin and the woven stripes are both absorbent and dry quickly.