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How will you spend your time?
CNY is finally here and all our family members have gathered together at home. It’s truly a time to cherish and reconnect with our loved ones. But to be honest, our TVs, tablets, and phones often gets more of the attention, consuming our time and stopping us from creating precious, happy memories with our family.
Let’s put away our phones and spend more memorable moments with the ones who mean the most to us. Hang out in the sofa, drink tea, play games, talk, sing…..
When the phones or tablets are not distracting, let your coffee table be the center of attention filled with tea, drinks and snacks. With the generous size of KRAGSTA coffee table you can even make room for a family game.
Give your phones or tablets a nice resting place during CNY. Here are some great ideas where to put your gadgets while you are hanging out with your family and friends. PALLRA mini chest helps you organise everything from paper, phones, USB sticks and rechargers to make-up and accessories.
Enjoy holiday home cooking just a little longer
It´s time for the CNY family dinner and we are all busy indulging in our favourite dishes. Fridges and bellies are starting to get full and there is still plenty of good food to enjoy. There is so much love and thought behind the cooking and nothing should really go to waste.
IKEA 365+ Food Storage

The durable containers in our IKEA 365+ series are designed to be used every day. That’s why they’re so smart.
It is transparent so it is easy to see what is inside, even if the jar is stored in the fridge or cabinet.
The snap and lock lid in plastic prevents leakage and protects the contents from frost damage, making it ideal for both transporting food and storing leftovers.
The silicon lid creates a vacuum when placed on a container ‒ keeping the food fresh longer and helping the food retain both heat and coolness.
The IKEA 365+ food container is made of oven-safe glass and can be used as an oven/serving dish.