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Children are the most precious people in the world,

no matter whether they are babies just coming to the world, or troublesome kids in a rebellious period!

Children can benefit from good reading habits throughout their entire life.You may only need to change one small

furniture and then you can get the best classroom at home easily .

● Reading will never go out of style .
What you need is a flexible and classic bookshelf.

BILLY OXBERG Bookcase, white ¥ 699.00 View more BILLY SERIES

BILLY Inspiration

It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. Pretty impressive considering we launched BILLY in 1979. Glass doors keep your favourite items free from dust but still visible.

 KALLAX Shelving unit, white stained oak effect ¥ 449.00 View more KALLAX SERIES

KALLAX SERIES The many sides of a square

KALLAX is stylish and simple but it does many things. You can place it on the floor, on a wall or as a room-divider to completely transform your living area.

● In a comfortable sofa or armchair, you can become much more enthralled in the book you are reading.

 POÄNG Armchair, birch veneer, Hillared anthracite ¥ 699.00

POÄNG SERIES A gently swaying classic

Staying popular is hard. Understandably, seeing POÄNG retain its appeal for over forty years makes us proud. Then again, it’s one great chair. Bentwood makes it strong and flexible without excess bulk.

POÄNG Children's armchair, birch veneer, Almås natural ¥ 199.00 View more POÄNG SERIES

Children feel special and important when they can do as the adults do. That's why we created a miniature children’s version of our beloved POÄNG armchair. Now you can sit and relax together - side by side.

STRANDMON Children's armchair, Vissle grey ¥ 1,299.00

STRANDMON The excellent support and comfort

At first glance, they look the same, the large and the small STRANDMON. But there is a great deal that differs between them. So when we made a children's version of this classic armchair we based it on children's sizes, how they sit – and how they don't sit when the armchair suddenly transforms into a desert island or space rocket. As a child, to have one's own, safe and comfortable armchair in the right size is more important than what us adults may think.

● Create a reading space or playground where your children can feel free

FLISAT Children's stool ¥ 129.00


The smart construction makes this stool easy to assemble, even a three-year old could do it – with a little help from a grown-up. A practical size for smaller bottoms.

FLISAT Book display ¥ 149.00 View more FLISAT SERIES

This low book display allows your child to reach their books. It’s also easier to choose since all the covers are visible. If the choice is still too hard, you can take it with you to the reading corner.

TROFAST Storage combination with boxes, light white stained pine, white ¥ 356.00 View more TROFAST SERIES

Flexible storage for all their toys

Children need room for play – and good storage for toys like TROFAST – a series of sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes that your child can easily slide out, carry and put back again.

HEMMAHOS Bench pad, black ¥ 99.00 STUVA /FÖLJA FÖLJA ¥ 599.00 View more STUVA SERIES


After a fun day at home there are toys everywhere. This bench has space for all of them – simply open the box and put things away. It’s easy for both grown-ups and children to tidy up.

STADSDEL Rug, 130X133cm ¥ 99.00 View more LILLABO SERIES

STADSDEL Creating a snug feeling

Honk and drive! On this rug there are roads, parking spaces, traffic signs and railroads – just like in a city. Perfect to combine with toy cars and figures from the LILLABO series.

● With a stool, a coffee table, and a rug, you can read in anywhere, any time.

GLADOM Rug, 45x53cm ¥ 99.00

GLADOM Light and easy to move around with removable tray top, handy for serving snacks.

Easy to love at a price that’s hard to resist. Buy one or buy a few and make every space where you sit more convenient.

ALSEDA Stool, banana fibre ¥ 199.00

Renewable material (banana fibre).

● With perfect lighting, to better enjoy their time with their books!

RANARP Floor/reading lamp, black ¥ 299.00

RANARP lamps are reminiscent of the past, crafted with details like the steel joints and striped textile cord.

The floor and work lamps are heavy and very stable, yet fully adjustable.