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For that inviting,
unexpected look

The Lees are a bit cooler as a family, they are happy to go where no family has gone before. They will try stuff out. There aren’t too many rules here: the home is a playground, which you can tell from the kids’ unkempt hair and clashing patterned clothing. If you look at it all together it should never work, but somehow, it does!

The little flat gets its soul from lively colours, mixed patterns. We put cosy seating in the middle of it all. It helps a parent and child grab me-time between playtime, mealtime and yep, more playtime.

Beauty of Simplicity

Probably the most calm, kind and considerate man you could meet. Albert used to be an architect and still secretly creates designs in his retirement. You can see from his home that he loves minimalism, and that everything has its place. He’ recently, with his age, started to get a little more adventurous; maybe it’s because his eyes aren’t once what they were, or he’s getting braver. But the mustard, pastel yellows of before are beginning to be replaced with bright punchy yellows.

Don’t be afraid of one piece of art or fabric on a wall. Solitaires add balance and air.

For that calm,
harmonious look

Peter and Patricia are a loved up 30-35year old couple. They both have high profile successful jobs which carry a lot of stress so they just LOVE the soothing quality of blue, not only in their wardrobe but also their home. The time they spend with each other is limited so when they do get some time alone they like to get romantic and light candles and close the curtains. They create their own cosy sanctuary.

For example, if a goal is to do more yoga, creating a space for daily practice will have you feeling far more flexible.(in more ways than one!)

For that handpicked,
precious look

They Kelsey family love collecting, when they find something they are into the whole family throws themselves at it 100%. Their latest fascination is music, they can’t get enough of it. The room is full to the brim with items neatly displayed, they included a variety of brass instruments. Everywhere you look there are items that showcase their curiosity for collection.

The recipe for success? Clever ways of storing, organising, and - above all - displaying.