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- Flexible space is suitable for

various storage needs like boots,

boxes, thanks to the height

between 2 shelves.

- 2 colours available, online only,

max. 10 pcs/order

Shelf unit
Blue / black-blue

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- The decoration box has 3 hidden

compartments forsmall things.。

- The magnetic lock holds the box closed,

even if it tips over.

Decoration box, red, green

- HAY joining hands with IKEA.

- The cushion cover hasdifferent patterns

on each side,making them extra playful

and versatile,and are an affordableway

to add personality and softness to aroom.

- The zipper makes the cover easy to remove.

Cushion cover, green, dotted

- Helps you to keep your shawls, belts, ties

and other accessories in order.

- Takes as little room as a clothes-hanger,

but can store at least 18 different acces


- Can also be used in bathrooms and other

damp areas indoors.

Multi-use hanger, grey

- Creates a decorative light pattern in the

room when the light shines through the

perforated shade.

- You can create your own light pattern by

bending the tabs inward or outward.

- Small and easy to place anywhere you

want to bring some cosiness and mood

light into your home.

Table lamp, orange

- This card game is a fun way for your child

to train their memory as well as their

visual and social skills.

- You can use the cards either to play an

ordinary memory game or to re-tell the

story from the book LILLABO – The Night

train. Or use your imagination to make up

a story of your own!

Card game, 17 pairs

- No drilling is needed!

- The suction cups grip tightly to smooth

surfaces like tile or glass - even inside


- Made of zinc-plated steel which is durable

and rust resistant.

Shower basket, zinc plated
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