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When two people eat together, it’s one small happy family
When eight people eat together, it’s the big Chinese New Year

It’s almost time for the biggest celebration of the year when we reunite with our family and friends for Chinese New Year.
Now is the time to start preparing our homes for the big gathering. Do we have enough space to fit everyone in? Where will they sleep? Is the table big enough for the CNY dinner? Is our home ready?
Go for an extendable dining table for both regular days and special occasions. Here are some great tables that can easily extend from small to bigger.

RÅSKOG Trolley, dark blue

This trolley fits in the smallest of spaces and can be moved to wherever you need it. Use it as extra storage for all your kitchen utensils, party kits or table ware.

One night is not enough for an entire year’s worth of stories?
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Chinese New Year means a lot of family and friends visiting your home. So what to do if you have no spare room or guest bedroom? No worries. A sofa bed can solve your problem and turn your living room into a guest room in a blink. And after a good night’s sleep, you can effortlessly convert your guest room into a living room again.

Give your guests a warm welcome

CNY is around the corner and it´s the time of the year when friends and family are visiting. They bring a lot of joy as well as thick coats, suitcases and bags of gifts.
Areas like hallway and bathroom can suddenly become a bottle-neck when you have to share your home with many people. Sometimes it is the small things that makes a huge difference like just adding some extra hooks, a shoe storage that also can serve as a bench or some stackable boxes that can swallow a lot of stuff. Here are some tips how to get the smallest areas of your home more organized and ready for welcoming your guests.

NISSEDAL Mirror, white

The timeless design of NISSEDAL mirror works just as well in the hallway or bedroom as in the bathroom. The rectangular ones, you can hang vertically or horizontally – and if you mount the mirror with hinges you can hide keys and smaller things on hooks behind.

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