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New collection fuses Japanese and Scandistyle,
low-key and humble, but also distinctive
TÄNKVÄRD is a beautiful new range of textiles, glassware and furniture designed to
celebrate craftsmanship and make you feel good. Made using natural,sustainably-sourced
materials, these are pieces you’ll love for a long time.
Designed with ‘better habits’ in mind ‘This collection is all about self-care and
“better habits”,’ says Akanksha Deo, the IKEA designer responsible for all the textile
pieces in TÄNKVÄRD. ‘Embracing what is calming, pleasing, relaxing – going back to basic human
needs. We wanted to create something that people can form an emotional connection with,
something that will make them feel homely and warm.’
Renew with blue textiles
Blue is this season’s coolest colour, bringing a breath of fresh air indoors.
Combine this pick of favourite blue buys with natural materials for a feel-good new look.
Create more bedroom style with our new collections
Wake up to a new season, with fresh textiles in cheerful colours and soft cotton for a
feel-good bedroom update.
●Full of sunshine
Start the day happy and go to bed smiling with the JUVELBLOMMA quilt cover.
Its bright, playful pattern combines two shades of yellow, a colour said to have an energising
effect and often associated with joy. JUVELBLOMMA is made of 100% cotton from sustainable sources – a
natural and durable material that becomes softer with every wash.
●Bedroom blues
Indulge in relaxing blues at bedtime with the new STJÄRNFLOCKA bedding.
The fabric has a crafted, handmade look reminiscent of Shibori dyeing, a Japanese
technique that typically involves folding, twisting, and binding cloth, then dyeing it in indigo.
Made from 100% cotton, STJÄRNFLOCKA is woven in a plain weave that breathes and
feels soft against the skin, for a soothing night’s sleep.
●A comfortable and orderly bedroom, be more relax!
●Colourful kids
Let a child’s bed be a joy to look at, as well as sleep in. The timeless,
traditional style of the MINNEN bed is now available in dark yellow, with details that resemble the sun’s
rays. Most importantly, this extendable bed can grow with your child.
Combine it with SÅNGLÄRKA textiles, made with 100% sustainably sourced cotton,
to help create the best conditions for a comfortable sleep.
●Deco your dining table with color and lighting
●Welcome nature into your living room
●Better storage and organize in every detail area, save more space!
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