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Renew it

Our step-by-step guides make it simple to refresh old furniture and household objects. This tip offers an alternative to passing on or recycling an old, worn-out object. With a bit of care, an old chair can be refurbished to become new again.

Person with long brown hair using sandpaper to sand a white-painted wooden chair standing on a grey floor.

1. Always be prepared

Preparation is half the job, as they say, and they’re right. Refurbishing old wooden furniture is all about making sure the wood is dry, and clear of any paint or dirt. Use sandpaper to prepare any rough or blemished surfaces.

2. Time to transform

Old chairs can be refreshed with either oils that keep the beauty of the natural wood beneath, with paint, or with sanded back old paint, giving a distressed look. Always apply two coats of new paint or oil for an even finish.

3. The finishing touch

When all the hard work is done, enjoy your new old chair in the company of good friends. No matter how many odd chairs you have, the assorted look can bring real personality to your space.

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