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Step 3 – Free your stuff

All the things in your home had a life before they arrived with you, and they’ll have a life afterwards. What kind of life will that be? The final phase in decluttering your home is to donate or resell your used furniture, to help things pass on to a good future.

Canvas tote bag with words ‘seek new owner’ and clothes inside lying on a rug next to a box, pens and recycling label.

Sell it

Whether you set up a yard sale at home or your own sales site on a secondhand e-shopping portal, there’s always a potential market of people looking for that item that needs a home.

A number of IKEA stores will buy back your used IKEA furniture – visit your local IKEA store webpage for more details.

Gift it

Everywhere in the world – both on- and offline – you’ll find charities and companies dedicated to bringing donated furniture together with people who want it.

This process not only feels good, it also extends a product’s life. On top of all that, it’s also made someone else’s day, since they found just what they’d been looking for.

Did you know? In 2020, IKEA opened its first store selling refurbished secondhand furniture in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Recycle it

If it can’t be used, it can be reborn. Give used furniture and household items a chance to become something brand new by recycling them. Check the rules at your local recycling station to see what they accept.

A more organised you

Well done, you’re on the way to a decluttered life – with space for what’s really important to you. Want more?

Reactivate your old favourites