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A small, sophisticated and colourful home that's easy to refurnish

A small home doesn't have to feel small at all – free up floor space quickly with the help of furniture on castors.

A movable work station in a small home lets you free up well-needed floor space in a heartbeat. ÖRFJÄLL swivel chair on castors has a sophisticated dark yellow colour that gives your room a fresh look.

Noisy neighbours or the urge to play loud music? Do an artsy installation of ODDLAUG sound absorbing panels! Place them by other furniture, like your cabinet storage, for an even better effect.

A discrete and stylish picture ledge can serve as a charging station for your phone, computer and more. Mount it on a wall close to where you work, and relax, so it's close-at-hand when the batteries are running low.

Keep your notebooks scratch-free and extra good looking by dressing them in notebook covers. LANKMOJ has a side bookmark that helps you find the right page instantly.

Turn your cosy sofa into a bed and enjoy a good night's sleep. The loose cushions of FLOTTEBO are easy to remove, and the storage space under the seat has plenty of room for bedlinen.

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