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Baby Textiles

For that soft touch

Textiles are what really make a space feel warm and cosy – from soft bed linen to wrap up in, a fluffy rug to play on, or curtains to block out the light. We only use safe, soft materials in our baby textiles. And the fact that many also use colours and textures to stimulate your baby’s development? We think that’s a nice touch, too.

Bed linen  |  Quilts & pillows
Cushions & blankets 
Curtains & drapes
Baby rugs  |  Canopies 
Sleeping bags
Towels & wash cloths

Bed Linen

Quilts & Pillows

Cushions & Blankets

Curtains & Drapes

Baby Rugs


Sleeping Bags

Towels & Wash Cloths

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