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Choosing more sustainable materials

Currently, 60% of the materials we use is renewable, and 10% is recycled. By 2030, all will be renewable or recycled, making it easier than ever to find affordable and sustainable high quality home furnishings.

For many years IKEA has partnered with different organisations to improve responsible forest management globally.

Ever wondered why you see so many products in the IKEA range that are made out of wood? We think that wood is not only beautiful – It is a great material, renewable, recyclable and durable. As a large user of wood, we consciously use our scale and global reach to drive a positive change within the forestry sector. Since 2020 wood sourced for our products comes from more sustainable sources which means it is either FSC®-certified or recycled.

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Since 2015, all our cotton comes from sources that use less water, pesticides and fertilisers.

Since 2015, all our cotton comes from more sustainable sources, requiring less water, pesticides and fertilisers. And we’re developing even more efficient practices.    


We believe better sourcing means better products at lower prices. So you can enjoy all the comfort, personality and resilience that enhances your life at home—knowing your choice of cotton is more sustainable.    


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Consider products made from recycled and renewable materials, like this rug that’s made from plastic bottles. 

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