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Making furniture live longer

The potential to repurpose, refurbish, repair, reuse, resell and recycle will be built into every IKEA product, step by step over the next coming years. Already today there are easy ways to make your furniture last longer or give it a second life. 

Get that just-new feeling whenever you want by washing or replacing your sofa cover for very little cost or effort.

Protecting sofa & armchair covers

Mattress & pillow protectors

Give your used furniture a new lease of life with little cost or effort by using spare parts, tools and paints.

We set an ambitious goal to design all of our products to be repurposed, refurbished, repaired, reused, resold or recycled by 2030. That means making it easier for customers to prolong the life of their furniture and reduce waste, which is good for both the wallet and the environment.

Broken product? Find spare parts at your local IKEA. New tastes? Want a change? Recycle first. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for all.

Find out more about how IKEA work with circularity 

Oils, stains & product care

Prolonging tools