This box shows off its beautiful interior when you lift the lid. The size is good for storing many things and it’s easy to lift and carry – and is mostly made of recycled paper, for the environment’s sake.
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The world of paper
Imagine counting out how many times you came into contact with paper in the last week? From takeaway cups, to tissues, to packaging and newspapers, chances are it wouldn't take long to lose track.
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The size is ideal for everything from paper and media accessories to shoes and clothes.
Ideal in BILLY bookcase (depth 28 cm) and BESTÅ storage (depth 40 cm).
Easy to pull out and lift as the box is sturdy and has cut-out handles.
Easy to assemble and easy to fold it up when you don’t need the box and want to save space.
If you keep all your small things in boxes it will be easier to stay organised and find what you need.
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Lisa Bengtsson
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storage box with lid blue 25x35x20 cm
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