This bag takes up little space when folded up and is perfect to use when you need to bring waste, toys or wet swimwear home from the beach – and sand can flow out thanks to the mesh fabric.
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Product description

The fabric in this product contains recycled polyester from ocean-bound plastic picked up from areas up to 50 km inland from our coastlines, which helps reduce the pollution of waterways and oceans.

Perfect to have at the beach since sand can flow out through the mesh fabric of the bag.

Why not collect waste in it when you’re out in the woods or at the beach?

Easy to keep clean and fresh since the bag is machine washable.

Takes up little space in your beach bag or backpack since it can be folded up into its own inner pocket.

The bag has an inner pocket for small things.

Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

K Meador/W Braasch

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KÅSEBERGA bag black 37x12x45 cm/19 l

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