IKEA 365+ Water bottle, red, 0.5 l

¥ 19.90

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With this durable bottle by your side, you never have to go thirsty. Fill it with cold water, a refreshing smoothie or freshly squeezed juice – and enjoy! Read More
Fill up, drop, wash, repeat
We know that commuting and travelling from A to B are parts of life many would love to skip if only they could. To make these musts a little more convenient, we created UPPLADDA and IKEA 365+ bottles. They look like glass but are made of extra durable plastic. It means they can be cleaned in the dishwasher without becoming milky and dropped again and again without breaking.
“More and more of us spend time going places. Always having access to your favourite drink makes the dull hours pass a little faster,” says Kevin Verheyen, one of the members in the team behind UPPLADDA and IKEA 365+ bottles. “And if you want to avoid single-use plastic and bring your own bottle, it ‘s good if it lasts longer and can take untender treatment in harsh environments.”

Bottles to fling around, not throw out

For UPPLADDA and IKEA 365+ bottles, Kevin and his colleagues used plastic that stays clear and see-through, even after many tough cycles in the dishwasher. “We know from research that people tend to throw out food containers when they become milky and scratched. We believe it’s the same with bottles. Therefore we used a more durable material to avoid waste,” says Kevin.

Trusted companions

UPPLADDA and IKEA 365+ bottles don’t contain any harmful bisphenols, and like all IKEA cooking and eating products, they’ve been tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards. “They’re light-weight companions that can withstand everyday wear and tear for many miles and many years,” says Kevin.