Choice of E-sports

A new series designed for Esports players!

To create your personalized and comfortable game space on a small budget.

New esports series | Choice of Esports

  • This gaming chair has all the capability to makes you sit comfortably - all those adjustable functionalities, breathable mesh net, armrest, lumbar support, brake mechanism, and this stylish look!
  • This durable table top is wide enough to hold 2 screens and deep enough so that the distance for your eyes is optimal. Just complete with table legs that you like. Game on!


  • This wide gaming mouse pad is great for those who want their mouse and keyboard on the same firm, smooth surface. Here you can move the mouse quickly and effortlessly to win even the toughest of battles.
  • 2 sizes/patterns for choice


All about focus

Whether to have an immersive gaming experience, or a better gaming performance, the key is to -- minimize distractions!

Therefore, we need more comfortable seats, more streched table space, less visual distractions, and more items within reach!

We make quality products for esports players to create a comfortable and personalized gaming sapce!

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