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Put it into SAMMANHANG

With a variety of open and closed units for embracing and displaying your belongings, the SAMMANHANG collection is not here to judge you for loving to collect stuff, nor is it here to steal the spotlight from your collection. It’s here to make it look better - to celebrate your personal process of collecting.

Proud young female holding a hat in front of her hat collection, surrounded by IKEA running range and SAMMANHANG wall shelves on pink wallpaper.

For those who collect…

What’s a frame without its work of art? Similarly, SAMMANHANG is nothing without your most prized possessions. The word, “sammanhang” actually means “context” in Swedish. So, what it’s really all about is context; placing your collection into context.

...put it into SAMMANHANG.

“My wife inspired me - she loves collecting things. She’s constantly bringing home plants, but we have nowhere to put them. The glass table was created to hold small cacti, but it can equally display any object of your choice.”

- Aaron Probyn, Designer