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Summer is over, it's time to prepare for the fall. Bring a holiday vibe to the season in a busy schedule - with a cozy bed, natural home furniture and playful households items, you make your home a more enjoyable space!

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New RÅVAROR collection

Change is constant – now more than ever. Introducing RÅVAROR: a collection of high-quality, multi-functional furnishings that let you make yourself at home in the smallest spaces, wherever you live, now and later.

Less furniture. More function.

The more time you spend at home, the more flexibility and multi-function matter. You never know what change is coming, but with the RÅVAROR collection, you can be ready.

Soft headboards give you a comfy backrest

TUFJORD series will make you long for bedtime. The headboard’s embracing curves help you to unwind, and make lazy mornings spent in bed even cosier. And the soft, textured upholstery enhances the comfy feel.

Extend your dinning experience

RÖNNINGE extendable table is a natural gathering point for meals, activities and chit-chat. Thanks to the sturdy construction and gracefully aging wooden surface, this table will be a place where memories are created over many years.

1 person can easily extend the table before the guests arrive thanks to the smooth extension mechanism.

New to classic series

With the BRUSALI series we wanted to design classic furniture for the bedroom that has character – and is both highly functional and good value for the money.

BRUSALI brings a personal character to your bedroom, whether you use several pieces as a set or combine just one piece with the furniture you already have.

Refresh your IVAR system

Our IVAR shelving units are old dogs that love new tricks. We’ve been developing them for more than 50 years. This month, we introduce you new IVAR products with mesh doors and bamboo doors. Get them and refresh your IVAR collections!

The gray steel mesh cabinets provide a lot of storage space for small and large items. Steel mesh also creates a smart and sleek instustrial look.

Natural look

Create a stylish gaming space at a lower price

This gaming chair has all the capability to makes you sit comfortably - all those adjustable functionalities, breathable mesh net, armrest, lumbar support, brake mechanism, and this stylish look!

This durable table top is wide enough to hold 2 screens and deep enough so that the distance for your eyes is optimal. Just complete with table legs that you like. Game on!

Buy a set of table, please select:
table top x 1+ table legs x 4

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Storage with a natural touch

This desk organiser with compartments in different sizes resembles an old sewing box. Perfect for all your small things, and since it's made of untreated wood you can paint it in your favourite colour.

Top sellers

Enjoy the days with dinosaurs

The new JÄTTELIK series, full of fun and adventurous spirit, use soft toys such as brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus and textiles with dinosaurs prints to create a corner of dinosaurs' world in children's room.

New laundry and cleaning series

This laundry basket is perfect for carrying wet clothes from the washing machine, and dried clean clothes for storing or ironing.
Easy to carry with one hand since the entire laundry basket is made of flexible plastic.The mesh material allows air to circulate in the basket and prevents the formation of mild. You can also use it for storing things, for example in a wardrobe or in a hallway

    We provide you with the new SLIBB series. With the help of SLIBB, the laundry and cleaning work becomes enjoyable and interesting. Better function, better quality, better look and feel, lower price and better for the planet, with this combine effect, the SLIBB series is quite “value for money”.

    Use modern lighting
    to create a soft atmosphere

    Modern lighting for an entire home that creates a nice atmosphere. Use it as a standalone eye-catcher or mix it with other lamps in the series.

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