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Designs for life-changing times

Change is constant – now more than ever. That’s why it’s even more important for your home to be a constant center of comfort that’s easily adaptable. Introducing RÅVAROR: a collection of high-quality, multi-functional furnishings that let you make yourself at home in the smallest spaces, wherever you live, now and later.

Storage and seating, where you want it

Store stuff on it, roll it where you want it (which may be out of the way). Your storage shelf is also a sturdy bench for extra seating. Need room to dance or do yoga? It’s just the right height to roll under the table.

All your clothes, all organised

Everything is easy to find and put away on your wardrobe rack with rails for hangers, plus space for stacking storage boxes to hold folded clothes and sorters for small stuff and accessories. Sturdy steel construction offers stability and strength and makes this rolling rack a transport trolley for when you move.

Eat at your desk, work at the dinner table

There’s room for both at the wooden dining table. Company coming? The console table is the same height, put them together to make room for friends. Use the tray to carry food or work gear – then just unfold the legs to elevate your laptop and create a stand-up workspace.

Simple solutions make your everyday life easier. A sofa that works for sitting, sleeping, lounging and entertaining friends is just what you need when your bedroom and living room share the same space.

Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, Designer

Fall asleep on the day-bed

Rest and relaxation in one spot: it’s both a sofa for socialising and snacking and a comfortable bed for sleep. The durable denim cover, like your favourite jeans, wears well and only gets better with time. The matching denim carry bag holds your bed linen while you’re awake and becomes an extra cushion.

Get up, get ready, get something to eat

Rinse and repeat. Wash up, make-up, grab your toothbrush it’s right here – your mini kitchen doubles as your vanity to start and end your day. The rest of the time, it’s where you make meals and do dishes with everything handy in smart storage boxes – from utensils to soap to recycling. Just what you need, no wasted space.

A RÅVAROR table, storage unit, and folding chairs are situated in the middle of an apartment. There is crockery on the table.
Living with less can help the environment and your wellbeing. And it’s easier when every item in your home does more than one thing – such as pieces that work well for all kinds of activities or roll to quickly rearrange your space to suit your everyday life. Because every day is different.

Mikael Axelsson, Designer

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