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BOTANISK Limited Collection

Whether you’re a plant swapper, urban gardener, or simply dream of growing a green thumb, BOTANISK has what it takes to sort you out. From tool kits and clay pots to large baskets, this handmade collection doesn’t only add to the fun of indoor potting – it creates jobs in regions where they are most needed. Let’s sprout some seeds of hope!

Overview of all the items in BOTANISK, a handmade collection of pots, baskets, gardening accessories and lots more.

Sustainable in more ways than one

“The whole collection is made with people in mind. From start to finish the process has been all about the collaboration, developing the items together.” 
Maria O’Brian, Creative Leader IKEA.

A collection that grows on you, literally

Best of all, you don’t need a garden or even a balcony to enjoy all the lush greatness. Your apartment jungle is just a few pots and plant swaps away, which is exactly what BOTANISK is all about.

Seeds, sugar snaps and green ideas

While growing monsteras and vegetables are good for you – it can also get messy. Luckily, there’s BOTANISK tool storage (and more) to organise your gardening sessions. All in natural materials that feel great to touch and use.

Leaves that sprout new jobs

“We designed it together with an Indian seamstress, an expert embroiderer. After we’d shown her our general idea, she came up with great suggestions on how to do the leaves.” Paulin Machado, IKEA designer.