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On-the-go bags

    Bag drop!

    Today, our lives are often fast-paced and fluid. Daily commutes, weekend trips and grocery shopping are all part of our every day. That’s why we’ve developed a range of bags designed to enable a truly mobile lifestyle. Featuring clever functions and recycled materials, you can just grab your stuff and go.

    It’s the inside that counts

    From the inside of your wardrobe to the inside of your bag, take your home organisation outside. Our RENSARE clothes bags make it easier to pack and fun to organise.

    Functional and friendly – the fabric of our bags are made from recycled polyester.

    A green DRÖMSÄCK backpack unzipped on one side, filled with clothing, RENSARE bags, and a HÄLSA thermos.
    A close-up of the green DRÖMSÄCK backpack’s zip and inside fabric.

    A comfortable commute

    Little things can make a big difference. A perfectly placed side pocket here, space for a bottle there. That’s why our DRÖMSÄCK backpacks are perfect for commuters – everything you need, plus a little extra.