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Make a statement

A sofa is one of the most prominent objects in your home. Take the opportunity to make a choice that expresses your personality. Pick one with the lines and boldness to attract looks and people, and the comfort to back it up. After all, what you choose – colour and pattern, design and style – says things about you. Here are some sofas that speak volumes.


The elegant in the room

Who says a sofa bed can’t be a centrepiece? FLOTTEBO won’t sit quietly in the corner. Its loose but firm-gripping cushions give you full freedom to arrange them as you like. The spacious built-in storage and pocket-spring comfort, on the other hand, are permanent.


Indulge yourself

The STOCKHOLM sofa stands apart with its deep, spacious proportions and high quality velvet material. A sofa built to indulge yourself in lasting comfort.


The small makings of great comfort

From its signature curving armrest to elegantly draping covers, FÄRLÖV uses small gestures to make a big impression – size, style and comfort included.

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