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Highlights from 2023!

The most interesting insights are here for you to explore. So, get a taste of what the full report offers and discover solutions for creating a better life at home.

56% of people globally are either looking to move or renovate their home in the next 2 years
Life at Home Report 2023

“52% of people globally say home is their favourite place to be...

...this rises to 60% of people who have pets”

Doing more vs. doing less

Whether it's simplifying life to relax or being more productive, we have always innovated unique solutions to make homes better for the many people.

40% of people globally say that having a tidy and organised home helps them to feel most content and at ease at home
Life at Home Report 2023

Togetherness vs. privacy

Enjoying moments with loved ones and having time to reflect alone are important. Discover how you can enhance your wellbeing through our thoughtful solutions. 

1 in 3 people (33%) around the world say having the right amount of privacy is one of the most important elements to help them feel content and at ease at home
Life at Home Report 2023

Living well vs. living within our means

The struggle to live affordably and to live well shouldn’t be a this versus that situation. At IKEA we firmly stand by giving the customers sustainable and healthier choices while staying in your budget. 

26% of people globally feel a loss of control when we do not have enough money to take care of our home
Life at Home Report 2023

72% people globally who think their home helps them live sustainably, feel positive about their current life at home.

30% said their ideal home must help them be physically or mentally stronger.

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