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Synergy in the office

When you live in a big city, it’s easy to feel cramped. But this architectural team feels right at home. Clean cable-free stations, ergonomic chairs and a smartly organised workspace promotes collaboration and a cosy client worklife.

Love those lines. A contoured surface supports the wrists and arms when drawing (or typing). A deep table top also provides a generous work space for all your sketches and swatches.

This office placed their cabinets behind every chair so co-workers would have plenty of legroom under the desks. Use tall cabinets and drawers to store things with varying heights such as binders, diagrams and personal items.

Creating a communal supply station reduces clutter and saves money (for afterworks, of course!) Use arched brackets to hold blueprint scrolls, and movable pegboard pieces to hold rulers and other office essentials.

Hang bags and coats just like you would at home. Fold them back up when you’re not using them to conserve space — and so that nobody runs into them (or worse, snags their sweater).