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Ideas for a playful kid’s room full of storage

See how an interior designer created a child’s bedroom that would inspire imagination, with plenty of space for creative play thanks to clever organisation.

A child’s bedroom with white bed, floral textiles, a mini table and chairs, and a storage unit full of books, boxes and toys.

Set the scene

“Textiles are a great way to set the mood of a child’s room,” says interior designer Ana Rita Jose Mestre. “I chose a whimsical pattern to give this room a dreamy, fantasy feel. The extendable bed will grow as they do, so you can just update the bedding to give the room a new look.”

Make space for play

“Sticking to a colour scheme helps to balance the space,” says Rita. “It gives this room a tranquil feel for dreaming and sleeping, as well as being a fun place for role play and imaginary worlds. There’s not too much large furniture, leaving plenty of space for playing on soft rugs.”

Double-duty storage

“When you want to pack lots of activities into one room, it has to be well organised,” says Rita. “Choose storage that has more than one function. Open shelves are a great way to personalise a child’s room and add easy-access storage at the same time, giving them the freedom to play safely and independently. Try labelling storage boxes with pictures so it’s easy to identify what’s inside.”

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Made by
Interior stylist: Ana Rita Jose Mestre
Photographer: Thommy Bengtsson