Home visit: get a feel-good start to any day

Breakfast table set with linen, patterned blue plates, granola in a glass and coffee accessories on a chopping board.

Home visit: get a feel-good start to any day

This small update to the way you eat breakfast will give a big boost to your day!

Breakfast special

Eating in a hurry is a side-effect of our fast-paced life. The simple act of sitting at the table to eat is a way to pause and give yourself time to enjoy your meal and connect – with yourself and others. “I have breakfast every morning, normally eaten at our kitchen table or in my favourite chair in the living room,” says Sam, who inspired this idea when we visited the home he shares with Rena.

A turquoise plant pot used as a vase with a bouquet of wild leaves next to a small ceramic pot displayed on a chopping board.

Enjoy a natural lift

Nature has the power to calm, energise and bring us back to ourselves so add it to your morning view. Even if you don’t have green fingers or live in the city, you can bring nature indoors with stemmed flowers and seasonal greenery. Add a feel of nature with scented leaves like eucalyptus and accessories in natural materials like wood.

Serve up a treat

Take inspiration from smart restaurants and shake up how you use crockery to serve your food. Breakfast doesn’t have to come in a bowl! This breakfast compote is the simplest thing to make – fruit stewed on the hob for 30 minutes with a dash of honey, cinnamon and star anise and served with yoghurt. Dishing it up beautifully in a glass is the special ingredient.

“We do this thing that we call ‘table for two’ where we set a small table somewhere in the house – think fancy tableware and candles. It’s like eating out in your own place!”

Sam and Rena
A rustic dining room with wood table covered with linen cloth and a centrepiece of wild flowers in a blue ridged plant pot.

Set the table

Don’t wait for an occasion to treat yourself! Give any meal a special feeling just by dressing the table. It doesn’t have to be complicated – seasonal foliage in a vase, linen on the table, condiments decanted into jars and food arranged on your plate so it tempts your eyes as well your tastebuds…

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