Home visit: a simple idea for wellbeing

Create a spa atmosphere at home and take time out to focus on your own wellbeing.

A mirror, plants, pictures and shells on a bathroom shelf with hooks underneath.

Keep it calm

Show your bathroom some love to make it a feel-good space. Layering prints, frames and shells gives you plenty to look at while you relax, and plants add to the sense of wellbeing. Take inspiration from professional spas and decant bath salts and scrubs into glass jars.

Create a home spa

'Try tying some fresh thyme, believed to have antioxidant properties, to the tap, to fill the room with a fresh, soothing fragrance when you’re relaxing in the bath.

Make space for ‘me time’

In her tiny cottage in West Yorkshire, Amanda has made sure there’s room to look after herself and relax. ‘It’s so important to care for yourself, and the smallest rituals can give your wellbeing a boost.’

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Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Christina Bull