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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
BUSKBO Armchair

BUSKBO Armchair, rattan

¥ 499.00
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Made of hand-woven rattan, a living material that makes each armchair unique. Airy but sturdy with an embracing feel makes it perfect to curl up in. A great way to invite nature into your home.
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Removal and recycling - ¥99/piece
Removal and recycling - ¥99/piece

We are happy to take your existing mattress or sofa away for you, when we deliver your new purchase. With our Removal & recycling service we can take care of your old furniture by disposing of it in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This service has to be booked in combination with our Delivery service and it’s offered at a minimal cost.

The base rate for our Removal and recycling service is ¥99/piece.

For more information, talk to one of our co-workers at your local IKEA store or contact us for details.

Contact details
-Handmade by experienced craftspeople, which makes each armchair unique.
-Rattan is a natural material which ages beautifully and develops its own unique character over time.
-The armchair is lightweight and easy to move if you want to clean the floor or rearrange the furniture.
-Plastic feet protect your floor against scratching.
-Please refer to packaging label for country of origin.
Combine and complete
May be completed with DJUPVIK cushion for enhanced seating comfort.
Additional information
For indoor use.
Rattan is a natural fibre that might change colour over time.
care instructions
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Product dimensions
Height backrest: 42 cm
Width: 72 cm
Depth: 63 cm
Height: 75 cm
Free height under furniture: 12 cm
Seat width: 43 cm
Seat depth: 52 cm
Seat height: 32 cm

A Fredriksson/J Hultqvist/W Chong
Product description
Rattan, Clear acrylic lacquer
Renewable material (rattan).
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504.429.63 BUSKBO Armchair (PDF)
BUSKBO Armchair IKEA Handmade by experienced craftspeople, which makes each armchair unique.

Designer thoughts

Designers: Andreas Fredriksson, Jonas Hultqvist, Willy Chong
”We like working with natural fibres like rattan and bamboo – living and renewable materials that provide great opportunities to create unique products. The most enjoyable part of this project was to use these materials in new and innovative ways. We wanted to make furniture in natural fibres, often combined with metal underframes, that is modern, gives an airy feeling, is easy to move and comes in flat packages. Better for the environment and easier to take home and enjoy.”


Invite nature into your home with rattan

Rattan is a living material with a will of its own. That’s why we work together with experienced weavers who shape the rattan vines to functional products. The cooperation means you can have handmade furniture in your own home – created by man and nature together.

Rattan is a fast-growing palm tree that needs to be boiled and sun-dried before it can be tamed into different shapes that we can sit on, rest in, or decorate our homes with. This is where the weavers come in. “We wouldn’t be able to make authentic rattan products without them. They have skills that can’t be copied by machines”, says Andreas Fredriksson, who has designed some of our rattan furniture together with the artisans.

One-of-a-kind furniture

With rattan, it’s possible to create round and organic shapes that are difficult to achieve with other materials. Every rattan vine shifts in colour and shape. It makes it impossible to manufacture two pieces of furniture that look exactly the same. On the other hand, you get unique items with a warm and homely feeling. “There are simpler materials to work with, but the liveliness in rattan is what gives it character. It can create a pleasant contrast to other things many of us have at home”, says Andreas.

In cooperation with nature

If rattan is treated right it can be transformed into almost anything, even furniture with generous forms that can fit in a flat pack. But the design is not only up to the designer and the artisan. “You have to cooperate with Mother Nature and come up with some new solutions as well – but the reward when you get everything to harmonise makes it worthwhile”, finishes Andreas.

More Rattan armchairs

Handmade by experienced craftspeople, which makes each armchair unique. Rattan is a natural material which ages beautifully and develops its own unique character over time. The armchair is lightweight and easy to move if you want to clean the floor or rearrange the furniture. Plastic feet protect your floor against scratching. BUSKBO Armchair, rattan 504.429.63 IKEA ¥ 499.00