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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Price Range

Bathroom lighting

Brighten up your bathroom routine

Brushing, shaving, plucking, washing, flossing – there are a lot of daily activities that need good bathroom lighting. Our range includes lamps you can place around the mirror so you have a better view of what you’re doing, plus bathroom lights for walls and ceiling that help create a more relaxing atmosphere.

If not enough natural light filters in your bathroom, check out our range of bathroom lighting. Tested for bathroom use, the LILLHOLMEN wall lamp has a brass-coloured arm and a white, rounded shade in glass. Can be placed upwards or downwards.

GODMORGON LED cabinet/wall lighting, aluminium-colour

GODMORGON LED cabinet/wall lighting

¥ 599.00
Luminous flux: 600 lm, Length: 100 cm, Depth: 13 cm
LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp, stainless steel

LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp

¥ 299.00
Luminous flux: 500 lm, Length: 60 cm, Width: 6 cm
LILLHOLMEN ceiling/wall lamp, brass-colour

LILLHOLMEN ceiling/wall lamp

¥ 49.00
Max.: 60 W, Height: 17 cm, Diameter: 14 cm
LILLHOLMEN wall lamp, brass-colour

LILLHOLMEN wall lamp

¥ 99.00
Max.: 40 W, Depth: 16 cm, Height: 25 cm
SKEPP LED cabinet/wall lighting

SKEPP LED cabinet/wall lighting

¥ 399.00
Luminous flux: 400 lm, Width: 61 cm, Depth: 12 cm
STÖTTA LED ceiling/wall lamp, battery-operated white

STÖTTA LED ceiling/wall lamp

¥ 79.00
Luminous flux: 50 lm, Height: 3.2 cm, Diameter: 20 cm
SÖDERSVIK LED ceiling lamp, light grey/chrome-plated

SÖDERSVIK LED ceiling lamp

¥ 499.00
Height: 8.5 cm, Max. diameter: 21 cm, Power: 18 W
SÖDERSVIK LED wall lamp, light grey/chrome-plated


¥ 699.00
Length: 70 cm, Max. width: 12 cm, Max. height: 7 cm
VITEMÖLLA wall lamp, stoneware porcelain ceramic, glass

VITEMÖLLA wall lamp

¥ 199.00
Max.: 7 W, Height: 20 cm, Base diameter: 12 cm
ÖSTANÅ ceiling spotlight, white

ÖSTANÅ ceiling spotlight

¥ 249.00
Max.: 7 W, Height: 21 cm, Base diameter: 14 cm