Recharge your life

Fully charged and ready to set off!

When come home after a busy day, both you and your mobile phone need to be charged. Let’s create a home space full of energy. Use reasonable storage and comfortable beddings so that you would enjoy a higher quality of relaxation and a more restful sleep.

Get set for great sleep  |  Organize absolute everything

The right one is the best

We all sleep differently. Some are more comfortable in a firm bed, others want a soft one. Some are always warm, others never warm enough.

Regardless of where you stand - or actually, lie - there's a comfortable solution for you.

There is a recipe for better sleep. It's about clean air, quiet, light and temperature - and of course, about being as comfortable as can be. So something as simple as a new pillow can actually make a big difference.

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Some shortcuts to better sleep

Put some thoughts before going to bed to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Here are some things that help make the journey to your best rest a faster and easier one.

A bedside table keeps your nighttime necessities within reach.

Speaker and lamp in one, giving you easy contol over light and sound.

How to create the right light for good sleep in two seconds: one quick pull down on the blockout blind.

Places for a nap

Long live the nap! They restore your energy levels, reduce stress and make you happy. 

Day beds

Pamper yourself with a moment of comfy me-time. With this neat recliner you can choose if you want to sit upright, lean back or lie down for a quick nap

The two large drawers give plenty of space for quilts, pillows and bed linen. 

A classic powder coated steel frame which is easy to maintain. With some soft, fluffy pillows as back support, you easily transform this day bed into a comfortable sofa or chaise longue.