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Let's play

Little baby shows me around
the organized toy kingdom

TROFAST toy storage solutions makes it easy to find a spot for even the biggest toy collections. Let your kids learn how to organise and cultivate their imagination and cretaivity by arranging the storage units.

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The kid said, don't be afraid
he and the dinosaur will protect me

“Why there are so many kids love dinosaurs?" They are listeners, and playmates to children. They help children to understand the world, learn new things, and boost confidence. The design of two sizes also emphasizes on the importance of companion.

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In the kids' order,
a magical rail starts to build

“Switch on the train of imagination" and learn to solve problems while open up a new world. Develop your kids' creativity, imagination, logical thinking and motor skills. Mix and match the toy sets with parents, and help parents to learn kids' needs.

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Follow the baby chef
take a master cooking class

"Make the dreams of the little chef and baker come true", encourage role playing and practice the kids' social skills through it, while helping your children to get to know the society.

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MÅLA creative art supplies

Bring out your child’s inner Picasso with the creative MÅLA great art supplies. Combining high quality and easy to use materials, they’re also safety tested to strict standards.


MULA educational toys series is designed to help your child develop. Made of safe, durable materials, the toys encourage your toddler to experiment and learn logical thinking and motor skills.

SAGOSKATT ——soft toys designed by the youngest designers

Our youngest designers have made it again!

Llama, Candy, Brown bear, Globe man, Eggplant car and Ladybug mouse – please welcome our new SAGOSKATT soft toy collection! They are all designed by kids participating in our yearly drawing competition. We received over 71.000 extraordinary contributions from all over the world, six of them turned into huggable soft toys that we sell globally. The full purchase price is donated to local initiatives supporting children right to play, develop and have fun.

Give the most important person a comprehsnsive protection

Designed especially for children, make home a safer playground! With rich knowledge and research results, all IKEA children products have been examined and meet the requirements of safety and health standards. Please feel free to use them. From furniture to toys, we insist to have no tolerance towards health and safety risks, and we hope to ensure a safe and happy childhood of your children.

IKEA children products will examine the following tests

1. Chemical test
2. Loose components test
3. Drop test
4. Impact test
5. Hole, gap, opening size test
6. Metal detection test
7. Pull test
8. Flammability test
9. Incline impact test
10. Weight and strength test