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Meet Tarek - finally he has found his way home

Tarek has never really felt at home in any of his previous homes and is trying his best to change that in his current tiny sublet apartment in Stockholm. He decorates it with finds from flea markets and art made by friends, while making space for boxes of clothes from his own streetwear label.

Meet Filippa - who created her dream home with flea market finds

Filippa wants to live more and work less. She has created her dream home from finds at flea markets. She loves finding bargain textiles and giving antique furniture a new life with a brush and some paint. And always in pink! For her, recycling is not so much about climate anxiety, but about finances. Her favourite place at home is a small corner in the attic where she can disappear among colourful curtains and patterned fabrics, while making her own clothes.

Meet Marianne - full of bubbly energy

Colour, colour and more colours. Walking into Marianne's apartment is like paying a visiting to a fairy-tale, where every single object is a character onf its own and Marianne the main star: A fashionista full of bubbly, and sparkling energy.

Meet Titi - driving social change

Titi is a plus size model, hair stylist and a leading voice of social change within her community. She grew up hating her hair, and by pursuing knowledge on how to maintain it, she began letting go of the stigmas that surrounded her own hair. Titi soon became a source of information on hair for many women, and today she lovingly nurtures her roots and honours her heritage as a strong black woman.

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