Household products

Keep fresh and reduce waste

Summer tableware

▴OFTAST has the same look and feel as bone porcelain, but is made of tempered glass. This means that we can push the price down and you get an elegant and shiny product – at a lower cost.

POKAL is a classic design that holds both hot and cold drinks. You can heat-up your tea in the microwave and enjoy it indoors or on the terrace.

▴KORKEN bottle has tight-fitting stopper that prevents leakage. Classic style, good looks and taste.

Affordable and durable tableware

OUMBÄRLIG works well on all types of hobs and is easy to clean. It's good to save energy.

IKEA 365+ cookware series can meet all kinds of daily cooking needs. Diverse choices and powerful functions.

VARDAGEN is perfect for preparing, presenting and even storing food – maximise the joy of meals from hob and oven to table and fridge.

Show us your cooking skills

A comfortable sleep

Enjoy the fun of planting

Enjoy the breeze of summer night

Our classic storage series

SKUBB series — a good partner for wardrobe gand chest of drawers!

STUK series put your storage space under control. Suitable for matching PLATSA series

SAMLA series — sturdy and durable classified storage box.

Hidden corners, reasonable use

Make reasonable use of the hidden storage space under the bed to store duvets, extra pillows and out-of-season clothes for easy access and do not take up extra space.

FREDVANG works both as a bedside table and as practical storage. Just roll it out at bedtime – and roll it back under the bed in the morning to save floor space.

Under-bed storage