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Celebrate the joyful moment

Happy Spring Festival

The Chinese New Year is approaching. Affix the word "Fu" on the door, prepare the goods and decorate home with festive red objects. The reunion moment with family and friends is always looking forward to!

Day bed 15% off

* Price does not include mattress

No, you don’t need a guest room to invite overnight guests. By combining a comfy sofa bed with soft beddings, this combination have created a welcoming space that makes any stay feel special.

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Fitting the whole family in for the festive period

The sofa and table are where it all happens: big celebrations and everyday dinners, blissful solitude to sparkling company. They are witness to something valuable – our everyday lives.Here’s how you can make all your winter evenings feel just as cozy, with just a few easy additions and a little extra light.

Picking the perfect table

Small and foldable, this table could expand to provide extra space for more guests.With tasty treats and bold decorative accessories, it brings festival into your dining room.This RÅSKOG trolley on the side handles the overspill. So, even in a small space, everything’s set for the celebration to come!

Setting the table, setting the mood

NEW Chinese wok

Enjoy the cooking time

The joy of food for generations. VARDAGEN cookware in cast iron spreads heat evenly and is perfect for cooking on stoves and hobs, including induction. Tasty just like old times and durable year after year.

Toys and play and learning together

Play is how kids develop

In the IKEA range you can find lots of toys, art and craft supplies and games that help with concentration, fine motor skills, creativity and more.

Desks that help kids as they grow

Why not make it easier and more comfortable for your child to draw, make things and do homework? A desk should help them to get more organised, too.

Spare time and space for reunion

Small storage ideas for holiday budgets

For ways to keep your stuffs in plain sight and the bulky things tucked away, you can explore the IKEA range of boxes, baskets, storage containers and more. To stay organised this holiday season, there’s no need to break the bank.

Child-friendly storage ideas


Toys, clothes, books – kids mean a lot of stuff and it often seems that what they need is changing and growing all the time. Here are some ideas to help you with storage for your child and make it easier for them to store and organise their things themselves.

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Clean up and welcome the new year

Celebrate the joyful moment——ring out the old, ring in the new

Clean up and welcome the New Year

Small change, more New Year atmosphere