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Celebrate the joyful moment

2020 is coming to an end.

In the season of "receiving", we have prepared you a variety of products, bringing you a cozy winter time and a happy reunion.

There will be more inspirations springing up, stay tuned!

Living room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Dining room | Household products

Living room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Dining room | Household products

Celebrate the joyful moment——Living room

Create a functional living room, and easily fit your family and friends for a sleepoever.

Fitting the whole family in for the festive period

Lights, camera… action! It’s the improvised, impromptu moments that really make the holidays memorable – and especially the ones where everyone crams in to join the fun. Here’s a little inspiration for when you find yourself needing just a bit more seat space this festive period.

A comfy living room bedroom combo

Turning your living room into a bedroom – or your bedroom into a living room – is a simple task when your sofa can turn into a bed, your windows are provided with block-out blinds, and your cabinets can be used for clothes storage.

Living room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Dining room | Household products

Celebrate the joyful moment——Bedroom

Your private space should be the most relaxing and comfy place at home.

A haven of well-being

Looking to create a space for recharging moments and first-class sleep? Here’s how to create a bedroom that improves your well-being in many ways, both day and night and in style and comfort.

A luxurious bedroom on a budget

Crispy textiles, statement lamps and a trendy colour scheme – this luxurious and hotel-like bedroom has a wow factor that’s hard to forget.

Living room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Dining room | Household products

Celebrate the joyful moment——Kitchen

Cook in a bright kitchen with family, get a tatse of home.

A flexible and storage-friendly kitchen

Dive into a kitchen that’s filled with dedicated storage for every family member! This solution has a creative and personalised look that can grow and adapt when friends and guests come over.

A modern, bright, and airy kitchen with wooden details

A sleek, stainless steel sink for a trendy look, some music on a Bluetooth® speaker to set the mood, and wooden details to add a little warmth to the room. Here’s the recipe for a stylish, fun and welcoming kitchen!

Living room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Dining room | Household products

Celebrate the joyful moment——Dining room

Use the dining series that grows with your guest list, meet all of your dining needs.

A bright dining room where big dreams are shared

The dining table is the natural gathering place for a family: it’s where you talk, eat, and share your goals and dreams. And by choosing a strong and stable table, like NORDVIKEN, you’ll know that this place will last for many years.

Dining that grows with your guest list

Introducing EKEDALEN, a flexible new dining series of tables, chairs and benches that expands to suit any activity.

Living room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Dining room | Household products

Celebrate the joyful moment——Household products

Besides large furniture, various small objects and decorations also help to increase the feeling of home and happiness. We provide you with a range of home decoration guides for fall and winter:

Time for an autumn update

The long, lazy days of summer may be over but don’t worry. You can rekindle that feeling by bringing light and warmth into your living room. With mood lighting and soft textiles, you can transform your favourite room into a bright and cosy oasis.

How to enjoy a slow morning

Even if it’s only once or twice a week, a slow start can help to boost your energy before a busy day. You can sit and think, meditate, or simply do nothing – whatever you want. Here are some ideas to get you started, gently, of course.

Making your bedroom warm and cosy

Why not transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat from the cold? Somewhere you can dream, hang out, prepare for the new day or reflect on events just passed. Feeling comfortable and relaxed is also a big step on the way to a good night’s sleep.

Set the mood with the right light

Now that the days are shorter, it’s the perfect time to set a welcoming mood with the right lighting. Whether you hang a pendant lamp or set a table lamp in the window, your home will look and feel instantly warmer and cosier.