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IKEA Japan March 16
[International]  IKEA is closely monitoring the situation in Japan after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear incidents and takes action accordingly.
The management team of IKEA Japan has been relocated to Kansai. This decision has been taken, to secure possibilities for the management to function and communicate with co-workers, authorities and others over the next few days.

IKEA has offered all co-workers in Tokyo to relocate, on a temporary and voluntary basis, to Kansai. IKEA Japan will actively support any IKEA co-worker in Tokyo and his/her immediate family, who feel concerned about staying in the area over the next coming days. Temporary accommodation in, as well as transport to Kansai, will be arranged and paid for by IKEA. We offer this choice to all co-workers in the Tokyo area for their comfort.

The IKEA Tokyo stores will remain closed until the situation has stabilized. Co-workers in Japan receive daily updates through our mobile phone and e-mail system.

IKEA Japan continues the in-kind donations and has shipped out more than 5000 quilts so far, to evacuated people and soft toys and toys are being distributed in cooperation with Save the Children.

Trucks containing warmth and light products as well as IKEA FOOD products are being shipped daily; donation boxes in co-operation with Save the Children are also placed in the open Tsuruhama and Kobe stores.

IKEA is further planning how to be able to provide more long-term support for the people in the stricken region.


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